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MyChart iPhone or Android App for MyCare

Registered MyCare users can now access the Texas Health Resources Patient Portal on the go with their Apple iPhone®, iPad® or iPod Touch,® or Android devices!

The easy, convenient and secure MyCare app allows users to view select parts of their electronic health record at home or anywhere else and get test results, communicate electronically with their provider, view medications, allergies and more.

Download the App

Epic MyChart app in Apple iTunes Store.Remember that initial access to MyCare first requires registration with a participating physician. Once a MyCare account is activated, the free app can be downloaded for use.

Search the iPhone App Store or Android Market to find a listing for MyChart.  That's the name of the app, which is offered through Epic Systems Corp., of Verona, Wisc.  You should see a graphic like the
Download the MyChart app for iPhone. Download the MyChart app for Android devices.
one at right, above, for Epic MyChart.

After downloading the MyChart app, select Texas Health Resources as the provider to access the MyCare tool. 

MyChart app for MyCare tool on iPhone.Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the new MyChart mobile app for MyCare?
A: MyChart is a free app that gives you secure and convenient mobile access to many of your MyCare services, from your Apple iPhone®, iPad® or iPod Touch®, or from any Android device.  It is available from the iTunes App Store on iPhone or the iTunes Store on your computer, or via the Android Market.

Q: How do I get the MyChart mobile app?
A: You can download it from the iTunes App Store on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch on your computer, or from the Android Market. It's free. Search for "MyChart" and install it. Once installed, you will click on Texas Health Resources as your health care provider.  You will then be prompted to enter your MyCare username ID and password.  In order to use the mobile app, you must have an existing MyCare account.

Q: Is the MyChart mobile app secure?
A: Yes, the MyChart app uses the same security that mobile banking apps do.  There is no sensitive data stored on the device's memory.  You must log in each time with your MyCare username ID and password to verify identity.

Q: What can I do on the MyChart mobile app?
A: You can access many of the same features available on the MyCare website, such as:

  • Send a secure message to your provider about non-urgent health questions
  • Request prescription refills
  • View appointments
  • View lab results, allergies, medications, immunizations, and medical history
  • Receive health reminders
  • View other MyCare accounts for which you have authorized proxy access

Q: For what types of devices is the MyChart mobile app available?
A: The MyChart mobile app is available for iPhone®, iPad® iPod Touch® and Android devices.  Please visit the iTunes App Store or the Android Market to get started.