Let your medical records speak for you even when you can't.
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Online Collaboration

It's not uncommon for doctors to collaborate in mulling a diagnosis or treating a patient who suffers from multiple problems.

Dedicated Professionals, Working Together
Dr. Ferdinand Velasco, chief medical information officer, discusses benefits of the electronic health record now in use across the hospitals of Texas Health Resources.

The common means of getting together? 

A telephone connection.

But new technology now in place at the hospitals of Texas Health Resources adds a whole new dimension to the equation.

Now, physicians conversing by phone can do so while simultaneously reviewing their patient's electronic health record (EHR).

The EHR facilitates and improves collaboration.

If your physician wants a second opinion or needs the help of a specialist, then the second doctor can access the exact same information that your physician does.

There's no ambiguity.  No illegible handwriting to interpret.

Just instantly available, crystal clear information.

What better way to collaborate?


Electronic Health Records: One more reason
Texas Health Resources is leading the way.