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Family Violence Prevention


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What is the Family Violence Prevention and Your Workplace Toolkit?

This comprehensive toolkit contains the processes, training and collateral materials developed and utilized during the implementation of Texas Health's Family Violence Prevention and Your Workplace program.

How the Toolkit will Assist Employers

The toolkit is comprised of resources to assist employers in:

  • Developing a Business Plan
    Guidelines to develop and implement an effective family violence prevention program in an organization. Specific areas covered include strategic planning, program oversight/review, and communication of progress and future directions/goals.
  • Establishing a Baseline
    Pre- and post-surveys to determine an organization's self-reported level of family violence prevalence and perception.
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  • Determining the Cost to Your Organization
    A cost calculator using a formula based on national prevalence statistics to determine the projected prevalence and annual medical/productivity costs of family violence for an organization. If you would like to see what the potential cost of family violence is to your organization, use our cost calculator.
  • Writing a Family Violence Revention Policy
    Guidelines to review or develop policies addressing family violence in an organization. A sample policy is included in the toolkit.
  • Conducting Training
    Education for managers and employees that raises awareness of family violence, encourages disclosure and / or requests for help and provides resources for managers and employees. Training materials may be presented in a traditional classroom setting or as an online learning program.
  • Communicating Your Program
    Materials that can be customized with the organization's logo, including brochures, resources cards and other collateral pieces.
  • Defining Outcomes
    Recommendations for establishing measurable outcomes.

Materials in the Toolkit

The Family Violence and Your Workplace Toolkit consists of an introduction and six sections:

  • Getting Started
    In this section there are overviews of the definitions of family violence/domestic violence and sexual assault and their impact on the workplace. Also included is a description of the roles of the champion, trainer and organization.
  • Implementation
    In this section you will find program plan overviews, company internal reviews, leadership endorsement notes and a sample Family Violence Prevention plan.
  • Preparing the Trainer
    In this section you will find an overview of how to prepare for the Family Violence Prevention session. This section describes the training curriculum, materials needed to conduct your session and a helpful video on training the trainer.
  • Education Module
    This section contains the Manager's Resource Guide, Facilitator's Guide, and the Participant's Guide.
    • Manager's Resource Guide contains programs, policies and services recommended to help you as a manager understand and deal with family violence as it affects your employees and the workplace. Clear steps are outlined to guide you if you discover one of your employees is a victim or an abuser.
    • Facilitator's Guide is designed to offer a streamlined approach to the training experience. As a facilitator, you can simply follow the guide to create a consistent and reliable training experience.
    • Participant's Guide was developed for training leaders in the workplace. All managers, directors, team leads and employees who supervise and/or manage employee performance will benefit from this training.
  • Handouts and Support Materials
    Handouts and Support Materials can be helpful during your training. Documents included are Workplace Policy Sample, Domestic Violence Cost Overview, New Hire Survey, Employee Pre and Post Surveys, Manager's Training Evaluation, 40 Ways You Can Respond to Domestic Violence, Indicators of Abuse, Continuum of Family Violence Chart, Family Violence Prevention Cycle of Violence, Power and Control, Myths and Facts About Domestic Violence, Domestic Violence Cost Calculator and Is Someone You Love Hurting You Brochure.
  • Resources and Appendix
    Resources and Appendix contains reference materials, sources and links to other family violence prevention sites.

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