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The Daily Challenge has taught me that the best way to become healthier is by taking little steps in different areas of my life, every day. I used to be intimidated about becoming healthy because I thought it would mean changing all of my poor habits in one day. The Daily Challenge has changed my attitude. It's not about changing everything in a short amount of time, it's about doing little things every day to stay healthy.

One challenge I liked was to vary the size of the steps you take in order to work multiple leg muscles. This is something I continue to do on a daily basis when I walk down a long hall at work. I have started to notice that this exercise has really helped my leg muscles! It's also fun to do because as I take the small steps I imagine that I am a Chihuahua, and when I take big steps I imagine I'm a giant!

Also the comment portion of the Daily Challenge gives me the opportunity to encourage others on their journey to a healthy lifestyle. No one can become healthy in a vacuum.

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