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Texas Health Resources strives to provide health care services for the whole person - body, mind and spirit. In keeping with this commitment, the Department of Pastoral Care maintains a presence at each hospital and at the corporate office. In addition, each site offers a chapel for prayer, meditation, quiet time and worship.

Spiritual care delivered through the Pastoral Care Department and by others in the organization addresses concerns of the spirit: faith, hope, despair, meaning, purpose, life, death, guilt, forgiveness, fear and doubt. Pastoral care offers help for people trying to connect meaning with life circumstances that don't often make sense or seem fair. Members of the Pastoral Care departments have answered a call to offer hope for those in the middle of brokenness. Pastoral Care Department chaplains do not try to convert people. They are trained to help bring together the physical, emotional and spiritual components that are necessary for an individual to experience healing, health and hope. Spiritual care services are available to patients, family members, hospital employees and medical staff members.

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Chapel Locations
There is a chapel available for meditation, prayer and worship on the Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital campus. The chapel is located on the north side of the first floor of the main building.

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The Pastoral Care department offers the following services:

  • Patient and family visitation
  • Response to referrals by physicians on the medical staff, nurses, patients and clergy
  • Pastoral support for families facing uncertainty in the event of inpatient or outpatient procedures
  • Available Monday-Friday during normal business hours, nights and weekends at the request of the Administrative Nursing Coordinator.
  • Counseling and care for medical staff, employees and members of the community
  • Support groups for persons who experience loss or chronic illness
  • Worship experiences for patients, employees and medical staff in the chapels and at the patient's bedside
  • Bibles are available to patients as well as literature related to spiritual and emotional issues concerning health care
  • Sacramental and ritual services (baptism, holy communion, anointing) provided by Pastoral Care staff or by arrangement with representatives of a recipient's religious community
  • Decedent care and memorial services
  • Journals provided in most chapels for expression of prayers, meditations and spiritual requests

Each one of the 13 Texas Health hospitals and the corporate office in Arlington has a chapel on-site. The chapels serve as places of worship and celebration, as well as a sanctuary for individual prayer and reflection for all faiths. The chaplains lead worship services in the chapels, consult with patients, families, employees, physicians on the medical staff and volunteers and are available to all hospitals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Contact Information 
The chaplains provide pastoral and spiritual care to patients, employees, medical staff and their families. Local clergy provide pastoral care to members of their congregations. Additionally, in some of the smaller hospitals, and in the Presbyterian Healthcare System, as a part of the Attending Clergy Association, some area clergy volunteer to offer pastoral care in the hospitals on an on-call basis.

To contact a chaplain or representative from a particular faith, please call the Pastoral Care Department at 817-960-6310 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., or call the switchboard operator at 817-960-6100 and ask that the chaplain be paged. A chaplain is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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