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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Health Information Exchange (HIE)?
A health information exchange is a mobilization of health care information electronically across organizations within a region, community or hospital system. The secure electronic health information exchange assist in making clinical information available when and where needed.

What are the benefits of participating in Texas Health Resources Health Information Exchange (Texas Health HIE) services?
The Texas Health HIE services connects disparate systems across locations and integrates information from all participating sources to build a more complete patient record which helps facilitate collaborative patient care.

How do Texas Health HIE services benefit my patients?
Collaborative care through the Texas Health HIE service can lead to improved care.

Information in Texas Health HIE services may:

  • Reduce possible medical errors due to incomplete or inaccurate information
  • Improve appropriate treatment recommendations
  • Improve patient-physician communication and communication across the patient’s care continuum
  • Reduce treatment delays and allow the physician to spend more time with the patient
  • Reduce the need for the patient to manually manage and/or deliver their medical information
  • Reduce duplication of tests and procedures

What do I need to participate in Texas Health HIE services?
Currently, to view data within Texas Health HIE services, Internet access is the only resource needed. As other services are made available, additional capabilities may be required. To contribute information to Texas Health HIE services, you need an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) capable of exchanging data in standard formats.

What information is available in Texas Health HIE services? 
Most clinically relevant information is available in Texas Health HIE services as derived from participating sources. However, specified information that requires additional authorization is excluded from Texas Health HIE services such as mental health notes, alcohol or substance abuse information, some occupational health results and AIDS/HIV results.

How will I share information with Texas Health HIE services?
Texas Health Resources will collaborate with you and your technical team to integrate your data into Texas Health HIE services.

Does my patient have a choice to participate in the Texas Health HIE services?  
Yes, you will need authorization to share information with the Texas Health HIE services. You will be provided the standard Texas Health Resources Health Information Exchange Authorization form to obtain patient authorization as well as the Patient FAQ for you to share.

Who can access patient information submitted to Texas Health HIE services?
In accordance with the Participation Agreement, participants and their authorized users may access the Texas Health HIE services.

What hospital information is available in Texas Health HIE services?
Participating hospitals contribute medical history including demographics, allergies, transcribed physician notes, lab, other test results and/or Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs).  

Is clinical information from non-Texas Health facilities available in Texas Health HIE services?
Possibly. In the future, physicians will be able to access contributed data from the North Texas Accountable Healthcare Partnership (NTAHP) Health Information Exchange through THR HIE services. NTAHP is an independent nonprofit organization developing a North Texas regional HIE that covers 13 counties around the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

What Texas Health HIE services will be offered in the future?  

  1. Connection to the North Texas Accountable Healthcare Partnership Health Information Exchange
  2. Additional participants
  3. Results delivery
  4. Secure HIE messaging
  5. Referrals management

What is required prior to requesting access to Texas Health HIE services?
A Participation Agreement must be signed by your organization and training must be completed and tracked. 

If a signed Agreement is not available at the time of the access request, Texas Health Resources will work with your organization to execute an agreement.  

Is support available for Texas Health HIE services?
Yes. Training and support is provided by Texas Health Resources or its partners. More information, training, and contact information can be found at

How do I sign up for Texas Health HIE services?
Visit and select Enroll Now.