Finding time to be active and take care of ourselves can be a challenge, even before kids enter the picture.

Balancing work, making time to see friends, keeping up a household, seeing your husband or partner, taking care of pets, paying bills, caring for extended family—it seems like women's to-do lists never have a shortage of items.

Add pregnancy symptoms, particularly those that seem to suck all the energy out of you, and getting to the gym or cooking a healthy dinner can seem like a daunting endeavor.

Fast-forward a few months and now caring for a newborn is taking up a large chunk of time and energy. Or add a couple of years and a toddler's schedule and an infant's needs must be tended to. What's a girl to do?

We all know what we're supposed to do—eat lots of fruits and vegetables, exercise 30-60 minutes a day most days a week, sleep at least eight hours a night and try to relax whenever possible, to name a few. But for many it's the execution that is the tricky part.

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That's what these pages are for. Texas Health trainers, dietitians, physicians on the medical staff and other health and wellness professionals will share tips and suggestions for how to incorporate healthy lifestyles into real women's lives. And we hope that you'll share your tips as well. After all, as Hillary Clinton's book proclaimed, it takes a village.

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