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Physical Health

How are you treating the body you live in? Are you feeding and resting it the way it needs to be healthy, fit and strong?

Just like any efficient machine, the fuel you put in it makes a real difference. If we choose a balance of good and bad foods, paired with a moderate amount of sleep and exercise, our bodies run close to average. But if we make better decisions about what we eat and drink, coupled with a good night's sleep and vigorous exercise, our bodies run more efficiently. Are you operating at your potential?

Exercise is a mood-booster, too. People who exercise at least twice a week are happier and have significantly less stress -- benefits that increase with more frequent exercise. Those benefits can be had in just 20 minutes of exercise per day and have the power to improve your mood for several hours after you've finished your workout. Equally as important as working our bodies is the act of resting our bodies. Getting a good night's sleep is like hitting a reset button on your physical health and also on your stress level. People who invest in their physical well-being look better, feel better and will live longer.

Getting healthy starts today. Here are a few ideas:5

1. Strive to get at least 20 minutes of physical activity each day -- ideally in the morning to improve your mood throughout the day.
2. Sleep enough to feel well-rested (generally seven to eight hours) but not too long (more than nine hours).
3. Set positive defaults when you shop for groceries.Load up on natural foods that are red, green and blue.

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