• If you are trying to access the concussion courses online at your school, please check with the IT department to confirm the site you are about to enter is not blocked and/or filtered. Some schools do upgrades to their equipment over the summer and it can be an issue. If you have a good operating computer at home with a printer, this may be a good option.
  • You must use Internet Explorer as the browser, and make sure all pop-up blockers are turned off in order for the course to work properly.
  • You must watch the video the entire time without logging off and/or stepping away from the computer for a period of time. This locks you out of the session.
  • Apple Computer users must download Firefox 14.0.1 and turn off any pop-up blockers. PC users should also disable pop-up blockers.
  • The courses will not work on Google Chrome browsers or mobile devices.
  • Once you click on the registration page, put in your email address and click "set up an account." It will then ask for your last name and last 4 digits of your Social Security number.
  • On the next page, fill in all required fields, marked with an asterisk.
  • When it asks for "specialty," click on arrow and select either "Coach" or "Athletic Training."
  • If you cannot print a certificate after successfully completing the course or if you are locked out of your training, email and described the issues you have so they can be resolved. For any other questions please contact Ken Locker at or call 214-345-5010.

Implementation of Texas law is an ongoing process. For the latest information on forms and rules, please visit

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