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Valerie W.

The Daily Challenge is a quick little reminder to make a healthy choice or reflect on the choices I have made during the day. I also like that the Challenges are holistic. They remind me that I need to exercise mind, body and spirit.

There was a challenge "post your favorite quote in a visible location." I put Eleanor Roosevelt's quote "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" above my computer. I hope to share this way of thinking with my daughter while she is still young.

I read a story the other day on the Daily Challenge website. Some famous actress/model/mom was saying that growing up, all she ever heard from the women in her life was how they didn't like their hair, nose, hips, etc. So throughout each day, she makes it a point to compliment herself in front of her young children to promote positive self-image. This spoke to me because I always compliment my children, but I know that I have never complimented myself in front of them! What a powerful idea!

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