Daniel, Age 41

At age 41, Daniel weighed over 340 lbs. He had become a diabetic with high blood pressure and constant back pain. “My entire life I had been the big happy guy. While I was happy and making people laugh on the outside, I was sad and depressed on the inside. I was just ready for a change."

With the help and support from his family, friends, and coworkers, Daniel sought out Dr. Michael Lee, bariatric surgeon, for his expertise and care. “I had never had surgery before and I was beyond scared. I chose to have the sleeve surgery with Dr. Lee and that has been the best decision I have ever made for ME! Dr. Lee has been supportive and encouraging throughout the entire weight loss journey.”

Dr. Lee stresses the importance of having continued support before and after surgery. “Having the team concept in mind is what encourages and motivates patients. Knowing that enables patients and allows them to control their own lives with the proper coaching and direction,” says Dr. Lee. “As much as I like talking, I’m more speechless when I look at the past in comparison. The proof is in the pictures. I have no regrets as this was the best decision I’ve made. Bariatric surgery truly was an investment,” says Daniel.

Individual patient results vary. Please discuss your specific options for weight loss surgery with your physician.

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