IEEM | Research
Tony G. Babb, Ph.D.
We are one of very few clinical research centers in the world fostering the fusion of basic science and clinical medicine within programs designed specifically to study human physiology.

Our Laboratories

Cardiovascular Laboratory

The global focus of the Cardiovascular Physiology Autonomic Function Laboratory is to examine the adaptive capacity of the circulation.

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Cerebrovascular Laboratory

The focus of the Cerebrovascular Laboratory is the study of brain aging and neuroplasticity in response to lifestyle modifications.

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Neuromuscular Diseases Laboratory

The focus of the Neuromuscular Center is the diagnosis and treatment of muscle diseases known as metabolic myopathies.

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Pulmonary Physiology Laboratory

The focus of the Pulmonary Physiology Laboratory is the study of respiratory responses to exercise and their limitations to breathing in health and disease.

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Thermal & Vascular Physiology Laboratory

The focus of the Thermal and Vascular Physiology Laboratory is neural control of the cardiovascular system.

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Women's Heart Health Laboratory

The focus of the Laboratory for Women’s Heart Health is neural and non-neural control of blood pressure in women across the lifespan.

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Biochem Lab, IEEM 

Current Research Opportunities

Our facility contains seven major laboratories, supported by approximately 40 technical staff, within 40,000 square feet of research and office space.

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