Assessment, Short-term Counseling and Referral Services

Assessment, Short-term Counseling and Referral Services

We all experience stress, anxiety, sadness, and other forms of emotional distress at various times in our lives and sometimes, extra support is needed. We recognize the strength and courage it takes to ask for help, our goal is to provide a safe space to partner with you on the journey to living your best life. Texas Health EAP counseling services are free and confidential, and all our counselors are licensed masters' or doctoral-level mental health clinicians. Below are some key highlights on what you can expect when engaging with our counseling services:

What am I eligible for and are there any restrictions?

  • Participants are eligible for an initial assessment and then, depending on the outcome of the first session, up to an additional seven EAP counseling sessions per issue, per year. Participants can choose telephone, web-video, or face-to-face counseling, or a combination.
  • In-person EAP counseling services are conveniently located across the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. Due to state licensing regulations, Texas Health EAP can only provide telehealth services to those who are physically located in the State of Texas. If you are out of state at the time of your appointment, please call us to reschedule. If you are eligible for services and live outside of Texas, we will connect you with a local EAP provider in your State.
  • EAP counselors do not diagnose, prescribe medication, or provide long-term/specialized counseling/treatment. If those are needed, the counselor will work to connect you with a qualified, in-network insurance provider and/or community resources. There may be fees associated with referrals to community providers or programs because EAP benefits do not extend to community providers.

What can I expect after reaching out?

    • When you call to set up the first appointment, please allow about 10 minutes for us to gather some relevant information from you. Once the appointment is scheduled, you’ll receive an appointment confirmation email, as well as a request to review and sign our consent form via DocuSign. This form must be completed prior to the first session; clients are not able to be seen without a signed consent form on file.

      • The 1st appointment is approximately 50 minutes for individuals and 90 minutes for couples.

      • Minor Clients (anyone under the age of 18): Only the parent(s)/guardian(s) will be seen for the first appointment.

      • First appointments scheduled 5pm or later will begin as telehealth appointments, with the option to change to in-person appointments during subsequent sessions.
  • During the first appointment, EAP counselors will review the consent form, listen to your concerns, gather background history and work with you to develop an action plan. Our goal is to get to know you and how best to support you.
  • At the end of the first appointment, the counselor will share their clinical recommendation(s) about the most appropriate steps to be taken to address the situation. Together, you and your counselor will work out the best plan to address your concerns. This may include short-term, solution-focused EAP counseling and/or referrals to other health care providers or community resources if it is determined that specialized or long-term counseling is needed.
  • EAP follow-up counseling sessions are generally 40 minutes in length and are scheduled at an interval decided upon by you and your counselor.
  • Clinical progress and effectiveness will be regularly evaluated by you and the counselor. Counseling will end when the identified goals are achieved. If you decide to terminate the counseling relationship, inform your counselor to tie up loose ends, and to allow for feedback about the counseling process.

What will you expect of me?

  • We know that sometimes, unexpected schedule changes can occur. Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we respectfully request at least 24 hours’ notice. By doing so, you’re giving someone else the opportunity to utilize our services. No-show or cancelled appointments may count towards your total session limit, so please schedule appointments with this in mind.
  • Arriving on time for scheduled appointments is a must! If you arrive 15 minutes late or more for your scheduled appointment, you will be asked to reschedule the appointment. This means you may have to wait until the next available appointment.
  • Participants will be scheduled to meet with counselors based on availability, geographic location, and/or other discretionary matters. Preference to meet with a particular counselor will be taken into consideration.

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