Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Employee Assistance Program?

    An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a voluntary program that provides highly professional, and confidential sources of support and resources to help employees (and other eligible participants) address issues/concerns that arise in everyday life, both at work and at home.

  • What types of issues can Texas Health EAP assist with?

    Texas Health EAP provides support and resources for a variety of issues including:

    • Personal life or work-related stress
    • Anxiety, depression, and mood swings
    • Life transitions
    • Challenges or conflict at work
    • Unhealthy use/misuse of alcohol
    • Drug/substance use
    • Domestic/intimate partner violence
    • Grief, loss and loneliness
    • Financial worries
    • Legal concerns
    • Childcare and parenting
    • Eldercare and aging parent concerns
    • Health and well-being
    • Anger management
    • Gender identity/ LGBTQIA+ concerns
    • Self-care and lifestyle wellness
    • Improving relationships at home or work
    • Conflict resolution
    • Managing change
    • Crisis support
  • What services does Texas Health EAP offer?

    At Texas Health EAP our focus is providing participants with tools and resources to enhance self-care, develop emotional and physical well-being, build resiliency, and improve self-efficacy. We offer a variety of services to meet those goals including: 

    • On-site or virtual short-term, solution-focused EAP counseling
    • 24/7/365 crisis support
    • Legal and mediation assistance
    • Financial fitness tools and resources
    • Child and eldercare tools and resources
    • Personalized concierge services
    • Leadership resources
    • My Life Expert (Online Resource Portal)
  • Who is eligible for Texas Health EAP services?

    All Texas Health full-time, part-time and PRN employees. EAP services also extend to an employee’s dependents, and anyone permanently residing in an eligible employee’s residence.

  • Can my spouse, partner or child utilize Texas Health EAP services?

    Any person who is permanently residing in the eligible employee’s household and individuals who qualify as the employee’s dependents are eligible for EAP services. In most situations, parental consent must be obtained before EAP services are rendered to anyone under the age of 18.

  • Can I use Texas Health EAP services following termination, resignation, or retirement?

    EAP services may be accessed up to twelve weeks after termination, resignation, or retirement.

  • How much does it cost to use Texas Health EAP?

    All Texas Health EAP services are free and confidential. Participants are eligible for up to eight telephonic, web-video, or face-to-face EAP counseling sessions per issue, per year. Eight sessions are not guaranteed, the duration of EAP counseling is clinically driven and based on the recommendation of the assigned clinician. Should a referral for long-term or more specialized counseling be warranted, EAP counselors will attempt to provide referrals to in-network providers to reduce the costs associated with copays and deductibles. Participants are strongly encouraged to contact their insurance carriers to determine the fees associated with such referrals.

  • I’m already seeing a counselor/I wish to see a provider of my choice. Will Texas Health EAP pay for those sessions?

    Texas Health EAP benefits do not extend to, nor cover the costs associated with counseling services provided by community providers/a third party. If there is concern about a conflict of interest in meeting with a Texas Health EAP counselor, email EAP Director Debbie Hillard, Psy.D. at

  • Can my employer/leader/manager/supervisor/colleague/family member find out that I used EAP services?

    Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our program, without it, we wouldn’t exist. All Texas Health EAP services are private and confidential in accordance with state and federal laws, and professional ethics. No one will know you are using Texas Health EAP services unless you personally share this information with others or sign a release of information requesting that the program share information with another party on your behalf. Information will not be released to your employer, leader, manager, supervisor, colleague, friends, family, etc. without your written permission, unless prescribed by law. All state and federal guidelines pertaining to confidentiality will be strictly followed.

  • What about my EAP file/records, are they confidential too?

    All Texas Health EAP files/records are confidential. Documentation is maintained separately from EPIC medical records or Texas Health employment records. Only Texas Health EAP staff can access EAP records. Texas Health EAP files/records cannot be released without a participant’s written permission, or as required by law.

  • What type of training do Texas Health EAP counselors have?

    Texas Health EAP counselors are all State of Texas licensed mental health providers, with at least a master’s degree in counseling or social work, and on average, each have 10+ years of clinical experience.

  • What type of counseling is provided by Texas Health EAP?

    Texas Health EAP counselors provide short-term, solution-focused counseling interventions. EAP counselors are trained to assess a variety of issues and determine if the situation falls within the scope of EAP services. Texas Health EAP counselors do not diagnose, prescribe medication, or provide long-term therapy and/or specialized counseling/treatment. If those are needed, the EAP counselor will provide participants with a referral to an in-network insurance provider or/or other community resources. Texas Health EAP does not cover the cost associated with those referrals and/or care with community providers.

  • Can Texas Health EAP counselors prescribe medication?

    Texas Health EAP counselors are not physicians so medications cannot be prescribed. However, after meeting with a Texas Health EAP counselor, if it is determined that medication may be helpful, the EAP counselor will provide participants with a referral to an in-network insurance provider. Texas Health EAP does not cover the cost associated with those referrals and/or care with community providers.

  • Do I need an appointment to talk to a Texas Health EAP counselor?

    An urgent request or crisis will be handled immediately by an EAP counselor, usually by phone or through a web-video consultation. Routine appointments are scheduled in advance. Depending on availability, some same day appointments may be accommodated.

  • Where are Texas Health EAP counselors located?

    Texas Health EAP offers participants the convenience of multiple service locations across the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, as well as virtual appointment options.

  • Besides counseling, what other services are available through Texas Health EAP?

    Texas Health EAP helps participants better integrate their work life and personal life by offering a variety of WorkLife services including free and confidential financial and legal consultation, child and eldercare tools and resources, and personalized concierge services (referrals and resources for a variety of requests, including but not limited to, event planning, vacations, apartment searches, dog walkers, or contractors for home repairs, just to name a few).

  • Can Texas Health EAP help with childcare or eldercare needs?

    Based upon the unique needs of the participant, Texas Health EAP will provide the names and numbers of at least five local providers with confirmed openings and/or community resources, all within 1-2 business days.

  • I’m having difficulty managing my finances, can Texas Health EAP help?

    Many questions and concerns may be resolved through a free 60-minute telephonic consultation with a financial coach. A variety of free online financial tools including financial calculators, a library of articles, and many do-it-yourself tools are available through the My Life Expert online portal.

  • Does Texas Health EAP have an emergency fund to help me during a financial emergency?

    While Texas Health EAP does not have a fund or loan program to provide emergency financial relief, we can assist by learning more about a participant’s situation and then providing customized community resources that may be of assistance.

  • What type of legal/mediation assistance is available through Texas Health EAP?

    Legal questions and concerns may be easily resolved through a free 30-minute consultation with a qualified attorney. Should that attorney by retained for additional services, participants receive a preferred rate reduction of 25% from the attorney’s normal hourly rate. A variety of free online legal tools, including access to a library of articles, and many do-it-yourself tools are available through the My Life Expert online portal.

  • Can Texas Health EAP help me develop a last will and testament?

    Participants can access a variety of do-it-yourself legal forms and worksheets in the legal section of the My Life Expert portal. Downloadable items include:

    • Will for Adult with No Children
    • Will for Adult with Child(ren)
    • Property Worksheet
    • Will Codicil
    • Advance Directive Form
  • Is identity theft/fraud assistance available through Texas Health EAP?

    Texas Health EAP offers participants a free telephonic consultation with a legal/fraud specialist who will recommend options on how to place fraud alerts, freeze credit, file police reports, and contact other resources as necessary to resolve fraud concerns.

  • Is it true that Texas Health EAP can help with things like planning a vacation, finding a plumber, and setting dinner reservations?

    Our personalized concierge service will assist in tracking down businesses and consultants to help plan an event, vacation, or set dinner reservations. We can also find local contractors to help manage home repairs or assist with finding medical providers and community support resources. Texas Health EAP does not cover the cost, nor guarantee delivery of the vendors’ services.

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