Choosing the Right Bariatric Procedure

Bariatric surgery is a surgical procedure that makes changes to the digestive system to help you lose weight. The various types of bariatric surgeries each accomplish weight reduction in different ways and can often be done through minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques.

Restrictive surgeries: Work by shrinking the size of the stomach and slowing down digestion to help reduce food intake and promote weight loss.

Malabsorptive/restrictive surgeries: Give you a smaller stomach and also remove or bypass part of your digestive tract to change how you take in food, making it harder for your body to absorb calories.

Revision bariatric surgeries: There are times when revision surgery may need to be performed to help address weight regain after initial bariatric surgery.

The type of weight-loss surgery you choose should be a well-thought-out decision between you and your bariatric surgeon based on your unique needs and goals. Laparoscopic surgical options include:

  • Sleeve gastrectomy
  • Adjustable gastric banding
  • Duodenal switch
  • Gastric bypass
  • Revisional bariatric surgery

At Texas Health Physicians Group, our bariatric surgeons are dedicated to your well-being not just before surgery, but long after surgery as well.

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