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Texas Health Physicians Group is committed to providing essential support to help physicians do what they do best – care for patients.

Key benefits include:

  • A leadership support team with many years of experience in primary care
  • A network of practice support services including lab and diagnostic imaging
  • Group purchasing power
  • Technology solutions, as well as support and training
  • A quality program that rewards providers for meeting standards and supports providers in pay-for-performance models
  • Patient Navigator program (referral coordination)
  • Marketing and brand support

Texas Health Physicians Group and COVID-19

Practice support and programs designed around clinical quality and safety are mission-critical for providers responding to COVID-19. See what our providers say about their experience during the pandemic.

  • Trusted and Accessible Leadership

    During a time of uncertainty, THPG leadership quickly created and distributed a COVID-19 workflow and hosted weekly webinars that provided the latest updates on the virus, safety guidelines and best practices in providing care to patients.

    “If you’re in private practice, you have to worry about all {of the guidelines and protocols} yourself. You have to do your own research and figure out what the recommendations are. But here, THPG handed it to us. Like with Telemedicine, they said, ‘Here is how we do it. Let us train you on it. This is what we’re doing.’ We didn’t have find a platform, figure out how to do it on our own and determine if insurance would pay for it. After being in private practice a long time - 26 years - I appreciate things like that.”

    Linda Parker, M.D.
    THPG member since 2014

    “All the leaders are also practicing physicians. I think that’s always a big thing because they face the same things that we face so they are more aware of the practical aspects of what the physicians go through and what happens in the clinics or at the hospitals so obviously they can help us better.”

    Uzma Jalal, M.D.
    THPG member since 2017

  • 24-Hour Clinician Hotline

    When questions arose or clarification was needed, Texas Health Physicians Group (THPG) providers had access to a 24-hour clinician hotline staffed by physicians, including THPG’s own Chief Medical and Quality Officer, Dr. Lynn Myers.

    “Having the ability to call Dr. Myers with questions and the way that she, with so much patience, knowledge and skill, helped to navigate these patients to get the best outcomes, was invaluable for us. Compared to other organizations where you might not know who your leadership is or who to contact, here’s our chief quality control officer providing her number to help us out as physicians and clinicians to give our patients good care.”

    John Zarosky, M.D.
    THPG member since 2013

  • Virtual Visits

    While THPG had been exploring virtual visit capabilities, COVID-19 quickly put those plans on the front-burner to ensure THPG practices could remain open to care for patients. Within days, the technology was in place, and more than a thousand THPG physicians and their staffs were trained on how to perform virtual visits.

    “We were able to continue to practice as usual in our office. We were seeing patients in the morning and then virtual patients in the afternoon, which was one of the things THPG was able to facilitate quickly. We were just seeing fairly the same number of patients with very little change and of, course, we were provided with all the protective equipment we needed and information to know what we should be looking for and be able test our patients.”

    Kenneth Bernal, D.O.
    THPG member since 2019

  • Financial Security

    While some private practices and other health care systems have had to furlough or lay-off employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, Texas Health has been able to avoid such measures and is working to prevent or minimize the financial impact to THPG physicians and their staffs.

    “Because of the compensation protection during the time of COVID-19, we didn’t have to worry about whether or not we were going to go negative financially.”

    Suthee Thumasathit, M.D.
    THPG member since 2012

  • Specimen Collection Sites

    The COVID-19 pandemic created a great deal of uncertainty – and a strong desire for testing – for both patients and health care providers. THPG quickly realized the need for testing in North Texas and opened four COVID-19 specimen collection centers for THPG patients in Flower Mound, Plano, Fort Worth and north Dallas.

    “We were able to give our patients clear, concise directions – go here at this time, this place, take this paperwork and we’ll get you tested. It wasn’t a ‘Well, you need to get tested but good luck finding your own lab right now’ or ‘you need to be tested so go to the emergency room.’ That would have clogged up the emergency room and been a waste of time.”

    John Zarosky, M.D.
    THPG member since 2013

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