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How We Engage

As we continue our evolution to an even more consumer-focused, reliable health system, we engage care teams in shifting to a consumer-centric mindset through training, discussion and communications. We use multiple engagement channels to share information and solicit input on organizational initiatives, performance expectations, roles and responsibilities and employee recognition.

These include supervisor and team meetings, our intranet, town halls with leadership, video presentations, involvement in committees that matter to our employees, engagement activities within entities, creating connections through employee stories and more.

Soliciting Feedback

We want to understand what is most important to our employees, hear what is working well and solicit suggestions for improvement. We use an innovative platform that uses analytics to turn employee feedback into actionable insights. It disseminates near-real-time feedback to leaders so we can rapidly adapt to our teams' changing needs and expectations. We can compare our engagement results with national and industry benchmarks to determine if further improvements are needed.

2021 Highlights
  • Achieved 90% favorability scores on three measures: pride in work and the organization, advocacy for the organization and feelings of accomplishment from work.
  • Yielded an 85% core engagement favorability score, exceeding the national average by 12%.
  • Earned a 70% favorability score on intent to stay, which is 11% higher than the U.S. average and 8% higher than the healthcare industry average.
Snapshot: Offering Inspiration and Support

Transparency is important in normal times. It's crucial during a global crisis fraught with unknowns and has your employees fighting on the front lines.

Our CEO Barclay Berdan has lifted our teams with inspiring and uplifting email and video messages from the pandemic's start. He shares important business and pandemic updates and addresses important social issues, such as racial injustice. He continually reminds us that we all provide a vital service to our community, and we need to stay safe and healthy so we can care for our friends, neighbors and each other.

Leaders at all levels are just as supportive. From in-person leader rounding on care teams in our hospitals to virtual team meetings with remote employees, there is no shortage of information flowing directly from our leaders to staff. Everyone is kept aware of what's happening, the uncertainties, how we're addressing the challenges and the resources and support available to them.

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