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Programs and Resources

We customize development based on employees' roles, skills and career plans to make learning meaningful and relevant. We map their interests and expertise to internal opportunities and determine whether additional development is needed to work in a different capacity. We then create a customized learning plan to ease the transition.

Additionally, we offer an upfront tuition payment program to eligible full- and part-time employees seeking degrees that benefit the system. Other resources our people can draw from to grow professionally include:

Texas Health Resources University (THRU)

THRU delivers high-quality targeted educational offerings that align with our core business needs. It provides access to more than 4,500 online learning opportunities, instructor-led classes and workshops, an abundance of self-serve resources and tools, and free books and videos on balancing work/life balance. Every employee systemwide has access and is encouraged to use these resources.


We use this online tool to deliver courses that deepen clinical and professional knowledge, sharpen business skills and provide mandatory training.


This robust career portal empowers employees to drive their professional development. They can access best-in-class resources and tools available at any time.

Clinical Development

To help physicians, nurses and allied health professionals thrive, we:

  • Design and support graduate medical education to increase the physician workforce in North Texas. We collaborate with local universities to combine academic rigor with hands-on practice and support to give residents the tools to start successful careers.
  • Offer a custom-designed Nursing Career Advancement Program for recent nursing graduates that incorporates rigorous and system-specific standards into the yearlong curriculum, allowing us to train new nurses to meet our performance expectations.
  • Provide tuition-free accelerated training to educate new patient care technicians in collaboration with Dallas County College and our clinical educators. We expose diverse students to additional clinical roles during orientation in hopes of inspiring long-term careers.
Leadership Development

We center leadership on key behaviors that we hardwire into our culture, such as accountability, visionary thinking and sound decision-making. We provide various opportunities, programs and tools to maximize leadership potential, build our leadership pipeline and help us achieve our business goals. Some of these include:

  • Orientation to help new leaders understand their role in supporting our culture and developing and inspiring staff. This entails communicating effectively about our strategy and operations.
  • A program to help newly hired and recently promoted managers and executives assimilate into our culture and their roles. We tailor development plans to specific roles and responsibilities.
  • Physicians Lead!, a program that builds physicians' leadership capabilities and strengthens their management acumen.
2021 Highlights
  • Recognized on the 2021 LinkedIn Top Workplaces list for being among the 50 best workplaces to grow a career in Dallas-Fort Worth. We were honored for facilitating employee advancement, skill growth, company stability, external opportunity, company affinity, gender diversity and educational background.

Performance Management

We support our employees in reaching their professional goals through an anytime performance management program. It facilitates conversations between employees and managers about expectations, opportunities to improve and actions to achieve success.

Snapshot: Filling the Gap During Workforce Shortages

The pandemic upended how we bring people into our organization and set them up for success, particularly during patient surges, when our entities needed critical care staff. Clinical educators from Texas Health Resources University condensed onboarding training and moved mountains to get crucial staff to the bedside.

Many of our critical care hires were temporary "disaster staff" provided by the North Texas Regional Advisory Council. The contractors arrived daily from all over the nation, so we empowered our clinical educators to onboard them upon arrival, including on weekends.

During pandemic surges, we also redeployed thousands of administrative, vocational and other support staff to front-line responsibilities to free up caregivers' time to care for sick patients.

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