Utilization of the simulation center can benefit an array of sizes and types of learning groups, allowing for an abundance of learning possibilities. Our space is unique in that we can simulate the full patient experience, from pre-hospital to the point of discharge. We do this by providing different types of simulation:

  • Standardized Patient Simulation: Learners interact with a live person who is trained to portray a real patient by simulating the symptoms/illness needed to guide the learner through his/her simulation scenario.
  • High-Fidelity Simulation: This type of simulation uses computerized manikins that simulate real-life scenarios. These manikins can be assessed, just as a real patient would and give the learner the ability to perform procedures in a safe and structured environment. One example of this, is the ability to utilize an anesthesia machine directly on the manikin, giving the learner immediate patient results and outcomes based on learner actions.
  • Low-Fidelity Simulation: This type of simulation uses lower functioning manikins for less complicated scenarios, and learners perform specific skills on task trainers. A task trainer is a lifelike model designed to replicate human anatomy, allowing the learner to practice a specific skill(s).

In addition to the various types of simulation, we offer the following classes and capabilities:

  • Difficult Airways Course (DAC)
  • Advanced Trauma Courses (ATLS and ATCN)
  • Code Blue and Trauma Management
  • Operating Room Crisis Resource Management
  • Interdisciplinary Team Communication
  • STEMI Recognition & Cardiac Management
  • Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation
  • Basic and Advanced Assessments
  • EMS Continuing Education
  • EMS Quality Improvement
  • Chaplain Resident Communication
  • Simulation Instructor Workshop
  • Robotics Training (Da Vinci Surgical System)
  • Live-Stream scenarios into classrooms
  • Record scenarios and access them via an emailed link
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