Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair (TMVR)

Your heart is a muscle that pumps blood through your body. As blood moves throughout your body, your heart valves help your blood flow in the right direction. When the mitral valve does not close completely, blood leaks backward inside the heart. This is called mitral regurgitation (MR). Mitral regurgitation is caused by a leaky heart valve and can cause heart pumping problems or heart failure.

If you have been turned down for open heart surgery, you now may have options.

Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair with MitraClip® therapy is a less invasive treatment option than open heart surgery for patients with MR. The MitraClip is a small device that is attached to the mitral valve and helps improve blood flow through the heart.

Benefits of MitraClip include:

  • Reduction in mitral regurgitation symptoms
  • Shorter hospital stay after procedure
  • Reduced hospital visits for heart failure
  • Improved quality of life
MitraClip Locations
  • Texas Health Dallas

    Advanced Cardiac Therapies Center
    8440 Walnut Hill Ln.
    Suite 410, Professional Building 4
    Dallas, TX 75231
    Phone: 214-345-2678

  • Texas Health Fort Worth

    Structural Heart Center
    1301 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Fort Worth, TX 76104
    Phone: 817-250-8287

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