Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is primarily used for the treatment of conditions that result from lack of oxygen in the tissues, such as diabetic wounds, radionecrosis — which can be a result of radiation therapy — severe infections and traumatic crush injuries.

While lying in a large, acrylic chamber, patients breathe 100 percent oxygen as it is circulated to the chamber at pressure levels two and three times greater than normal. The high pressure causes the lungs and body tissues to absorb the oxygen in a shorter amount of time, in greater amounts, and the oxygen boost to the tissues promotes healing.

Because it promotes blood flow and increases oxygen circulation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy also has proven to be effective in treating decompression sickness from scuba diving injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning, chronic bone infections, complications arising from prior radiation treatments, traumatic wound injuries to bone, muscle or blood vessels, peripheral vascular disease, gas gangrene infections, compromised skin grafts, reattachment of limbs and surgical incisions.

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