During the first semester, students accepted into the SERV Program will commit to volunteering two 4-hour shifts per week, one in the Emergency Department and one in another department of the hospital. Students must complete 100-hours by the end of the first semester as a demonstration of a commitment to service, punctuality and professionalism in a healthcare setting.

Please Note: This program is offered only at Texas Health Dallas.

If they successfully complete the first portion of the program, SERV Students will be given the privilege to shadow various physicians on the medical staff at Texas Health Dallas during the second semester. Program requirements for the second semester include being punctual, professional and accommodating with the fluid schedules of the physicians.

Program benefits will include:
  • Hands-on experience in a clinical setting
  • Opportunity to shadow physicians from any of the 15+ specialties associated with SERV
  • Free drinks
  • Free parking
  • Free annual flu shots

In order to be considered for the SERV Program, students must meet the following criteria. There are no exceptions.

Applicants MUST:
  • Plan on entering the healthcare industry in some capacity
  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Have a Social Security number
  • Have completed high school or earned a GED by orientation
  • Attend the MANDATORY orientation for the applicable SERV rotation:
  • Be able to commit to 13 continuous weeks of volunteering, starting the day after orientation
  • Submit two completed reference forms at the time of your round two interview (see link below)
  • Not be a Texas Health Dallas employee

In addition to these non-negotiable requirements, there are several factors that can help make your application more competitive. Availability is extremely important for both semesters, but especially so during the first semester because flexibility with dates and times ensures that we will be able to fit you into the SERV schedule. Important factors are:

  • Having mornings free during the second semester will allow you to be able to take full advantage of shadowing opportunities, as most shadowing shifts are in the morning
  • A consistent schedule and making the decision to prioritize SERV above other commitments and responsibilities will also go a long way
  • We value a positive attitude and previous experience in any setting that demonstrates your people skills and ability to interact with patients, customers, and anyone else you may encounter
  • Experience in a clinical setting is not a requirement, but it will help make your application stand out by showing us that you are committed to the healthcare industry and capable of showing professionalism in a healthcare setting

If you are interested in the SERV Program but are unable to make the time commitment at this time, we advise you to apply in the future when your schedule clears up. Applications for future rotations will open and close as listed:

Summer/Fall Rotation (June-December)
  • Opens January 31
  • Closes February 14
Spring/Summer Rotation (January-August)
  • Opens August 15
  • Closes September 30

Important SERV Program Update:

The SERV program infrastructure is being rebuilt which includes the current recruitment of the SERV Executive Leaders and SERV Board Members. This team will build the SERV program with hopes of re-opening the SERV program to full steam in 2024. For now, if you are a pre-healthcare college student freshman or sophomore with a valid Social Security number and can commit for two years of service, we invite you to apply to a SERV Board application which is currently open.

Two Reference Forms are required as part of your application and can be downloaded by clicking here. Please email completed reference forms to thdservadmissions@texashealth.org.

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