Volunteer Ambassadors are unique. They are inspired to serve for one of two reasons:

  • Due to a deeply personal experience that compels them to want to help someone going through a similar experience
  • They may have a similar background to certain patients in the hospital

Volunteer Ambassadors are assigned to specific units or patient populations and support the patient experience by actively listening, providing service excellence and collaborating with the clinical staff to help meet the patients' needs.

Ambassador Programs
There are a few types of Ambassadors and possibly different names for the same types of programs, depending on each hospital. All Ambassadors are adult volunteers. Please see below for program specific information that may help differentiate among the different type of programs, or you can ask for more information at the time of your volunteer interview.
  • Ambassadors

    Ambassadors are assigned to patient units and round on patients for service excellence and to provide non-clinical support to the patient . They also pass on of relevant and important information from the patient and families to the clinical staff assigned to the patient. Ambassadors are there to inform and educate about the facility but also to be a listening ear to patients in need. Ambassadors report to the nursing leadership of the relevant unit. Texas Health Dallas only

  • Senior Ambassadors

    Senior Ambassadors do the job of an Ambassador, but are assigned to round on geriatric patients throughout the hospital. These particular Ambassadors report to the Geriatric Program Specialist. Texas Health Dallas only

  •  Perot (Mother/Baby) Ambassadors

    Perot Ambassadors do the same job as an Ambassador, but are specifically assigned to the mother/baby unit in the Perot building. These Ambassadors have access to all the comforts available to our new moms and families. They provide above-and-beyond service to underscore the celebration of a new baby. Texas Health Dallas only

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Mentor Ambassadors
Mentor Ambassadors have similar experiences and/or backgrounds to the patients they are supporting. They are assigned to a program and not a patient care floor.
  • Cancer Buddy Program

    Cancer Buddies are either cancer survivors or caretakers of survivors. These volunteers are assigned to specific patients who they host on their medical journey. Texas Health Dallas only

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

    Cardiac Rehabilitation volunteers are usually previous patients of a heart event. These volunteers visit heart event patients, providing comfort and encouragement to recently admitted heart patients. Texas Health Fort Worth only

  • Stroke Folks Program

    Stroke Folks Volunteers have previously had a stroke and would like to visit stroke patients. Stroke volunteers provide comfort and encouragement to hospital stroke patients. Texas Health Fort Worth only

  • Veteran Visiting Program

    Visiting Veteran volunteers provide a welcomed distraction to hospitalized veterans. Visiting Veterans volunteers provide support, companionship, and a listening ear while providing wayfinding and other helpful campus information to veteran patients and their guests. These visits hope to offer encouragement between former service members, increase communication and service delivery to veteran patients. Our goal is to have Visiting Veterans at each THR hospital. Upon applying at your desired THR hospital, please clarify if the campus you are applying to currently hosts the Visiting Veterans Program.

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