“Currently a fourth-year Healthcare Management and Finance student at UT Dallas, I have received an invaluable amount of exposure to the hospital environment through this internship. In large part due to the wonderful staff, I have been pushed to follow my passion and glean more about the inner workings of hospital operations.

From ongoing meet and greets to shadowing opportunities with Texas Health Dallas personnel, the experience I have gained is rich in quantity as well as quality. Not only have my professional skills been sharpened in the Hospitality and Guest Relations arena, but also in other departments that have happily provided me the necessary knowledge and experience. Even more, becoming Yellow Belt certified as a requirement for this internship continues to build my future as an aspiring health care professional.

I truly hope more students are able to receive the opportunity to intern with Texas Health Dallas in order to become well-rounded professionals. My time here has been an absolute blessing and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me!”

Resham Panjabi

Hospitality and Guest Services Intern, Spring 2018

Finance Intern, Fall 2018

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