One of the major challenges to stopping the spread of COVID-19 is a lack of information – including about where the virus is spreading and why certain people are more affected than others. To gain a better picture of the pandemic in Dallas and Tarrant counties, researchers at Texas Health and UT Southwestern are conducting a significant study on the prevalence of COVID-19 by testing thousands of people who represent a cross section of the North Texas population.

Current data shows a disproportionate number of illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths among African American and Latino populations, as well as low-income individuals. However, little information exists to explain why this is happening or how front-line employees in essential businesses are faring. With the DFW COVID-19 Prevalence Study, our goal is to understand how many people actually are or have been infected in our North Texas community and help develop effective and fair public health strategies to reduce further deaths related to this disease.

How can you help?

Individuals in Dallas and Tarrant counties interested in participating in the study can get more information here or call toll free at 833-947-2577.

Employees in certain industries are at greater risk of contracting COVID-19. To learn more about the true infection rates in these sectors, we are also looking for businesses in the following industries to partner with us on employee testing. You can learn more here. If your business is interested in participating, please email

  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Other essential retail stores
  • Factories
  • Personal care services: daycares, hair salons, etc.
  • Transportation and distribution
  • Airlines
  • Essential infrastructure (telecommunications, utilities, etc.)
  • Schools

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