Hearts for Health Care Workers

Caregivers around the world are on the front lines battling COVID-19, working around the clock to care for affected patients. They’re putting the needs and health of others before their own and sacrificing precious time with family and loved ones. We stand with these heroes and are grateful for their selflessness and sacrifice. Their bravery inspires us, and their courage gives us hope.

Help Us Honor Health Care Heroes

Help us to recognize front-line workers by sharing your heart and a message of hope and gratitude.

Design your own heart or download, print and decorate a heart template below however you’d like — draw photos, add pictures, write words of encouragement or thanks — then display your finished heart where health care workers and first responders can see it. Use your imagination! Post it on your door, mailbox, window, etc. Take a photo of your design and share it on social media using the hashtag #HeartsForHealthCareWorkers.

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