Dear Medical Vendor,

We have a new process for introducing new product requests. We have partnered with GreenLight Medical, a cloud-based portal that streamlines the exchange of information and communication required to move new technology through the value analysis process. Please follow the instructions below:

When you are ready to submit a New Product Request:

  1. Visit
  2. Click Login in the top right corner of the page, and then click “Create an account”
  3. Choose “Product Representative” and fill in your information
  4. Send a message in the chat on the bottom right hand corner to request an access code

Here are some benefits of the new process:

  • GreenLight is a one-stop-shop for new product introductions standardizing the new product submission process
  • Know where your product review stands at all times within value analysis
  • Manage all interactions and furthered information-exchange needs with the facility:
    • FDA approval letters, product brochures, reimbursement guides, etc.
  • All information surrounding your product is automatically directed to key stakeholders for review
  • Your product information is secured in one cloud-hosted storage; upload your standard product information once and never duplicate efforts again

GreenLight Medical is here to administer your product through the value analysis process. You will have full transparency to your sales cycle for all facilities you work with, right from your computer, throughout the entire review process. There is a one-time $199 charge per year that covers submissions to any facility so that we can continue to provide a service to you and your product in review.

GreenLight Support Resources

GreenLight Support resources include:

  • Phone Support: 629-888-2920
  • Email Support:
  • In-app Chat Support: Click the icon in the bottom right once logged in
  • Weekly webinar demonstrations available for users

GreenLight Medical

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