Community Benefit and Charity Care
As a nonprofit system, we provide at least 5 percent of our Net Patient Revenue back to the community in the form of community benefit and charity care. But it’s not just our mandate — it helps us fulfill our mission. We are called by faith, values and civic duty to meet pressing health needs in our communities.

In 2018, Texas Health provided more than $843 million in community benefit.

Charity Care

Patient Charity Care Provided - $236,707,341

Cost of Unreimbursed Government-Sponsored Indigent Healthcare – $75,195,476

Charity Care Provided Through Others – $2,504,837

Sub-Total Charity Care – $314,407,654

Other Community Benefit Care

Unreimbursed Medicare – $484,601,553

Community Benefits

Community Health Improvement Program, Cash and In-Kind Donations, and Value of Employee Volunteer Hours – $44,038,957

Grand Total - $843,048,164

For more information, please contact us at or 682-236-7477.

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