A Big Sister Masters Technology to See Her Tiny Sibling

Ella McCants, 8, was eager to see her little sister Georgia when she was born on Labor Day at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

Ella McCants, 8, stands in front of the streaming image of her little sister Georgia, while Georgia was at Texas Health Dallas.

But Georgia came into the world six weeks before full term, so her first stop was the neonatal intensive care unit, where Ella can’t visit. (Visitors must be 16 and older.)

Luckily, one of the NICU’s livestreaming babycams was trained on Georgia. And Mindy Seals, who was taking care of niece Ella while her parents were at the NICU, knows all about baby cameras — she’s ITS entity manager of Client Services at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Hurst-Euless-Bedford.

The cameras are extremely secure — families use tricky usernames and passwords to get in and gaze at their tykes.

As soon as the camera went up, Seals quickly logged in and showed an excited Ella the website. They watched Georgia for a while and then went about their business.

Mindy Seals demonstrates the camera with a mannequin.

The next day, Seals was surprised to hear that Ella had memorized the logins on the spot, taken her tablet to school and proudly showed the teacher her baby sister. The teacher let her show the whole class.

“How cool to see our technology in use,” Seals said. “We kind of forget that the technologies we deploy really do make a big difference to caregivers and the patients themselves. When Ella couldn’t see Georgia [in person], it made me really think about what we do every day. It’s been literally a lifeline. We have family from out of state who can see her.”

The whole family was united Monday, Oct. 3, when Georgia, who had moved to the Special Care Nursery, was discharged.

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