Training Spaces

Stationary Ambulance

Learners will feel immersed because they can utilize this area like a real ambulance….because it is a real ambulance. Internal lights, external emergency lights, oxygen, and supplies one would find on a real ambulance are readily available for use during simulations. Our ambulance is equipped with an auto-load EMS stretcher. The only function the ambulance doesn’t have is the ability to be driven.

Emergency Resuscitation Room

The simulated emergency resuscitation room allows learners to experience a high-risk/high-stress scenario in a safe and judgement-free space. All equipment that the learner may need in an emergency department is available, such as a fully stocked crash cart, medication cart, and critical care cart. Because of the ability to perform procedures on many of our manikins, this space allows learners to practice and perfect skills needed to meet clinical objectives outlined by the content expert.

Surgical Suite

This space is unique, in that all audio-visual components of a state-of-the-art surgical suite are present, including a fully functioning anesthesia machine and other surgical devices. The CAE HPS Manikin, who responds physiologically to the ventilator and all medications administered, is housed in our surgical suite.

Inpatient / Multi-purpose Room

This room is highly versatile as it can be adapted to almost any need. The staff can arrange it to look like an ICU, inpatient room, nursing home, and a family living room/bedroom.

Classrooms/Conference Rooms

Thanks to modular conference room walls, this space can be arranged to accommodate groups of various sizes. You can utilize three separate spaces, or one large space. The smallest space accommodates a maximum of 30 participants and the largest space can accommodate a maximum of 140 participants. Contact us for current COVID capacity guidelines.

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