Epilepsy and seizure disorders can be controlled with the right level of care and expertise. At Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth, we’re advancing the treatment of epilepsy using innovative therapies and participating in the latest drug trials.

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth is the first hospital in Fort Worth to be recognized by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers as a Level 3 Epilepsy Center. For patients, this means having access to specialists on the medical staff who are devoted to providing the highest level of evaluation and treatment to help control seizures and improve the lives of those with complex epilepsy.

Texas Health Fort Worth’s epilepsy center is equipped to care for the unique needs of each individual patient. Our approach to care includes:

  • A patient-oriented care team led by medical staff physicians and including epileptologists with expertise in treating seizures, neuropsychologists, nurse specialists, certified technicians, and others with training and experience in epilepsy care.
  • Non-surgical treatments such as seizure-preventing drug therapies, introduction of a ketogenic diet and/or nerve stimulation to reduce the frequency of seizures.
  • Around-the-clock epilepsy monitoring in a medically supervised, private environment that allows for adjustments to be made based on your individual progress.
  • Surgery as an option for individuals who do not respond well to medication or who have an underlying condition that can be addressed through surgery.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic tools to help our multispecialty care team assess your symptoms, develop a personalized care plan and coordinate services with you and your primary care physician.
  • Access to an ABRET-accredited, full-service outpatient EEG lab that provides outpatient testing for epilepsy and seizure disorders.
  • Education and support group services coordinated by social workers and other members of the epilepsy team working closely with the regional chapter of the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater North Texas.

To learn more about Texas Health Fort Worth’s epilepsy and seizure care program, call 214-705-3402 or search online for a physician referral.

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