Neuroscience Services
Physician with patient
Advancing Neurological Care in North Texas
Texas Health is a regional destination for high-acuity neuroscience services. Learn more about our high-quality, award-winning care.
Stroke Care
When you’ve had a stroke, fast treatment can reduce your chance of lasting damage. Texas Health provides high-quality, evidence-based care whether you or a loved one just had a stroke or are in recovery.
Back and Spine Care
The simplest activity can be overwhelming when you have a neck or back disorder. Texas Health offers a comprehensive range of services and specialists on the medical staff dedicated to providing back and neck pain relief while restoring function and quality of life.
U.S. News & World Report Stroke and Spinal Fusion Award
Hospitals Awarded by U.S. News & World Report
Texas Health Dallas and Texas Health Fort Worth received a “high performing” rating for stroke care, and Texas Health Southwest Fort Worth received a “high performing” rating for back surgery (spinal fusion) by U.S. News & World Report.
Find A Specialist
Find Neurological Care
Physicians on the medical staff at Texas Health offer comprehensive and advanced care for an array of brain, spine or nervous system disorders. Find a neurologist or neurosurgeon today.
Alzheimer’s and Memory Care
Patients receive compassionate care that focuses on improving quality of life for them and their loved ones.
Mature woman and daughter working a puzzle
Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders
Texas Health offers advanced therapy options, education and support services.
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Epilepsy and Seizures
Patients come to Texas Health for hope and help with their seizures, epilepsy and other neurological conditions.
Brain Tumors
Patients with brain tumors need a place where experience meets compassionate care. We are proud to provide quality care for patients with this debilitating diagnosis in an environment dedicated to their needs.
Cerebrovascular Disorders
Left unchecked, diseases affecting the blood vessels in the brain and spinal cord can lead to stroke and other conditions. Whether the disorder is common or rare, you can trust Texas Health to provide personalized care options and advanced technology.
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