Helpful Healthcare Professional Finds Help for Pain
Regular adjustments from a chiropractor and muscle-strengthening exercises with a physical therapist help Pete stay ahead of pain.

One day, about 18 years ago, Pete assisted his co-workers with lifting a very heavy patient to turn that person over. It was during this act of helpfulness that Pete felt pain in his own back.

“I’ve had occurrences of my back hurting throughout the years. Every once in a while, it feels like my back goes completely out. I don’t feel like I can depend on it,” Pete, 51, explained.

Pete has been careful with his back for many years, using tools available at the hospital to help lift patients and not putting stress on his back. However, was still experiencing acute pain that, at times, would bring him to the emergency room for care.

“The last time I ended up in the ER, we have to call an ambulance because I couldn’t walk,” he said, of his most recent need for medical care. “I ended up on steroids and pain meds. I have bulging discs in my back.”

Pete has visited physicians specializing in pain, has received pain injections, and has done physical therapy for his injury. Nothing seemed to help him minimize his pain for long periods of time. As a healthcare professional, Pete is aware of the advantages of caring for your body and staying “ahead” of pain, if you experience it. He turned to the Pain Relief & Wellness Center at Texas Health Plano, hoping to find a way to manage his pain and take care of his back.

“I’m trying to get the pain under control before it gets bad again,” Pete said. “That’s why I went: was tired of having the exacerbation of the back pain. I want to get in front of it.”

At the Pain Relief & Wellness Center, a hospital-based program at Texas Health Plano, a physician specializing in pain management oversees Pete’s care, which, for Pete, now involves regular adjustments from a chiropractor and muscle-strengthening exercises with a physical therapist.

“If anybody out there is in pain, they need to come see the Pain Relief & Wellness Center.”

Pete expressed his desire to avoid using narcotics to control his pain to his physician and therapists at the center. He now takes muscle relaxers, when needed, and anti-inflammatories, and follows a regular workout routine he learned from therapists at the center.

“When I was going in, I was in pain every day — not severe pain, but a low-level ache that’s annoying all the time,” Pete remembers. “Since I started at the Pain Relief & Wellness Center, that’s pretty much gone away. I can feel it every once in a while, but it’s nothing like it was.”

“When you see Mr. Peterson today, he is a completely different person,” said Norin Ukani, R.N., F.N.P., a nurse practitioner who treats patients at the Pain Relief & Wellness Center. “His quality of life has improved tremendously, and he’s doing his physical activity.”

Pete’s confidence in his back has also improved. While he is still careful with moving or lifting patients and using the aids that are available to him, he is able to do more than he could before in his job and in life. He is also able to return to a hobby that he and his wife, Teresa, enjoy together: country dancing.

“My wife and I love to go dancing,” Pete said. “We met while dancing.” The couple lives in Frisco and spends their free time traveling the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, dancing in a variety of local clubs and dance halls. For others who may be struggling with pain, Pete recommends a simple move.

“If anybody out there is in pain, they need to come see the Pain Relief & Wellness Center.”

Do you struggle with pain? Call the Pain Relief & Wellness Center at Texas Health Plano at 972-472-8454 to make an appointment.

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