Vision rehabilitation is performed by occupational therapists for people with low vision, developmental vision issues and neurological vision changes. We provide personalized care plans that may include education on adaptive reading devices (magnifiers) or how to compensate for a permanent partial visual field loss. Vision therapists also care for children who have difficulty paying attention in class due to an underlying visual difficulty not related to how clearly one sees objects.

The benefits of vision rehabilitation include fewer headaches, greater depth perception and improved concentration and classroom participation. 

Conditions we care for include:

  • Vision issues related to concussions, frequent headaches and strokes or brain injuries
  • Car sickness
  • Depth perception issues
  • Difficulty watching 3D movies
  • Double vision
  • Lazy eye
  • Losing your place while reading

Benefits of vision rehabilitation include:

  • Decrease of frequently recurring headaches
  • Gaining/regaining depth perception
  • Improved classroom performance
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved safety with daily tasks

Vision Therapy Locations

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