Since the inception of our bariatric program at Texas Health Rockwall in 2008, we have helped over 500 patients, once struggling with weight and obesity related diseases, who are now able to enjoy their lives on their terms, in the life they desire. The following are just a few of those wonderful success stories. These patients wanted to share their own words of hope and encouragement to you. We hope that one day you, too, will be able to share in the life-changing benefits weight loss surgery can offer.

Kortney, Gastric Sleeve Patient

Kortney was very upset when she could not even fit in a carnival ride with her children. That was the deciding factor for Kortney to have bariatric surgery. She decided she needed a change for her health, her demeanor, and her outlook on life. Kortney has lost 60 lbs since her bariatric surgery.

Kortney: I barely fit in a carnival ride with my children

Paige, Gastric Sleeve Patient

Paige had been considering surgery for a long time and was left dazed and confused. After following the suggestion to check out Your Solution, within a few months she had her surgery approved and has never looked back. She has lost 111 lbs since her procedure.

Paige Swiney, Gastric Sleeve

Robert, Gastric Sleeve Patient

Robert started his journey at 360lbs, gaining more weight after each failed diet. After weight loss surgery at Texas Health Rockwall, Robert’s life is full of all the things he wanted to do. Whether playing with his grandchildren, enjoying the outdoors or hunting and fishing all day, he’s making the most of life. He no longer needs blood pressure and cholesterol medication. He’s now at 182lbs and still losing!

Robert: Healthy, Active and Enjoying Life

Kacie, Gastric Sleeve Patient

Kacie is a young woman with lots of plans to do all the things she dreamed of, including having her own family. She didn’t want to let her weight stop her so she chose weight loss surgery and the gastric sleeve to get her on the right track. Kacie has lost 120 lbs and dropped from a size 26 to a 12. She is healthy and nothing is stopping her from achieving her dreams now!

Kacie: her journey to Miss Me!

Greg & Cathy, Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass Patients

Greg: I was working, and I was able to just get up and GO, and I said WHOA! This hasn’t happened in years.

Greg and Cathy Liggett Sleeve and Gastric Bypass

Women walking outside
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