As noted elsewhere on these pages, the electronic health record is a digital archive of relevant data and information about patient care.

So can an individual patient access his or her own information?


Access MyCare via iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android devices!
MyCare is the secure Patient Portal into the Texas Health Resources electronic health record.

Texas Health Resources and certain physicians are pleased to offer MyCare, an online portal for viewing selected health information. All patients admitted to a participating Texas Health hospital - and outpatient surgery patients - are now discharged with an activation code and instructions on registering for their own MyCare account.

MyCare is a convenient and user-friendly tool that allows patients to access important parts of their own health record from any Internet connection. It also allows direct online communication with the patient's physician.

MyCare is encrypted and password-protected, too, so health data remains secure.

MyCare can promote wellness and empower patients to better maintain their health with benefits such as:

Enhanced Safety

  • Simplifies the prescription drug refill process and helps to minimize medication errors
  • Allows you to review recent test results from your physician

Improved Quality

  • Enhances your relationship with your physician through creation of a greater partnership in your care
  • Facilitates reminders for regular exams and stores physician's instructions for review anytime

Expanded Service Options

  • Allows you to view your important health data like lab results and glucose levels anytime and thereby more effectively manage chronic conditions
  • Makes medical history and prescription drug information readily available so you can have it anytime, anywhere via a secure Internet connection
  • Patients can view:
    • Admissions dates
    • Discharge instructions
    • Medications prescribed
    • Allergy information
    • Immunizations
    • Preventative care info
    • Patient educational material through Medline Plus

Proxy Access

  • Moms or dads can review information and results for their minor children
  • Older patients can grant access to adult sons or daughters
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