Directory of Post-Acute Care Agencies and Facilities

Find a Home Health agency, Skilled-Nursing facility, Long-term Acute Care hospital or Rehabilitation hospital to meet your needs!Agencies and facilities across North Texas have voluntarily shared their quality data so that, working together, we can improve the next stage of your health care.

The link above opens a search page where you can find information about:

  • Home Health Care agencies
  • Skilled-Nursing facilities
  • Long-term Acute Care hospitals (LTACs)
  • Rehabilitation hospitals

The data include scores on a variety of safety and quality measures as reported to Medicare and to Texas Health. Most of this information is also available on these federal government websites:

This directory includes only facilities that have shared data with Texas Health and met our guidelines for the best possible care for our patients. They are identical to the list provided to discharged in-patients by hospital transition coordinators and identified as being aligned with Texas Health Resources.

As you can see, many aspects of care are displayed. The relative importance of each one is for you to decide. If you have any questions, we urge you to discuss them with your physician, nurse, or transition coordinator.

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