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Read, search or subscribe to News Releases generated by the Texas Health Public Relations staff.

'The Well-Being Report'
Read, listen or subscribe to The Well-Being Report with Texas Health CEO Barclay Berdan, broadcast weekly on NewsRadio 1080, KRLD.

Texas Health Facts
See a snapshot view of Texas Health Resources.

Media Contacts
A staff of public relations professionals is available to assist the news media in covering people and events across the Texas Health Resources family of hospitals.

Condition Reports
PR staff contacts can provide one-word condition reports on patients hospitalized in a Texas Health facility.

Leadership Biographies
Learn more about the senior executive leadership of Texas Health and access accompanying high-resolution portrait photos.

Facility Photos
Download high-resolution photographs of each Texas Health facility, available in jpeg format.

Honors and Awards
The people of Texas Health Resources are often recognized for their individual and collective achievements.

Community Report
Learn more about the activities and accomplishments of Texas Health Resources, one of the largest faith-based, nonprofit health care delivery systems in the United States.

Public Policy Priorities
Learn more about the federal and state public policy priorities of Texas Health Resources.

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