What is the Attending Clergy Association?

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What is the Attending Clergy Association?

“The Attending Clergy Association is a non-profit interfaith clergy organization within Texas Health Resources that enhances pastoral education for clergy, promotes physical, emotional and spiritual health in congregational and community settings, and links clergy to members of the health care team.” — ACA By-Laws

As spiritual leaders from many faith communities and traditions, clergy share the common experience of offering pastoral and spiritual care to members of their congregation and communities. ACA clergy are recognized by Texas Health as members of the healing team with all the privileges and responsibilities inherent in such membership. More than 350 ACA members relate to Texas Health hospitals through this program.

Why Does Texas Health Support the ACA?

Texas Health, as a faith-based healthcare organization, believes that developing close relationships with clergy and congregations in our communities is an essential ingredient in extending the role of pastoral and spiritual care within the communities we serve. Since clergy are regularly in the hospital to care for their congregants, our goal is to provide continuing education and assist clergy in their essential role of offering pastoral and spiritual care to their congregants.

How Does the ACA Work?

All clergy who become part of the ACA complete a required orientation that introduces them to the goals and objectives of the ACA and to the history and practices of Texas Health Resources. In addition, clergy learn about the benefits and opportunities that come with membership in the ACA and agree to abide by the HIPAA and privacy regulations of Texas Health.

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