Pastoral care staff provide a compassionate presence to patients, family members and caregivers during times of fear, stress, despair and grief. When they enter the sacred ground of a person's pain, they work to bring together the physical, emotional and spiritual components that are necessary for healing, health and hope. Pastoral Care staff members are part of your professional care team, and they are dedicated to sharing your burden and providing the support you need.

With a passionate belief in God's ability to bring comfort and hope, pastoral care staff can:

  • Listen with respect and without judgment
  • Journey with patients, family and staff through grief and loss
  • Facilitate family meetings when difficult decisions must be made
  • Provide partnership in prayer
  • Offer comfort in times of distress
  • Provide worship experiences in the hospital's chapel or at the bedside
  • Facilitate or lead sacramental and ritual services, such as baptism, holy communion and anointing

Texas Health recognizes that patients and family members come from diverse backgrounds and religions, and pastoral care staff respect all ways that people nurture their spirit. Staff members are dedicated to honoring and respecting the beliefs that bring meaning and hope to those they serve.

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