If you, or someone you know, needs emergency care, you can take comfort in knowing that Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Azle offers quality emergency services close to home for people of all ages. Our seven-bed emergency department features general treatment rooms, a cardiac care room, a trauma care room, a specially decorated children's treatment room and a fast track program.

The emergency department serves as a coordinator of care for patients who need a level of care not available at Texas Health Azle. The department works closely with Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth to rapidly diagnose and treat stroke and heart attack patients. CareFlite air ambulance service is available for rapid transport when necessary.

Fast Track Program
We understand that no one likes to wait - especially when they're sick. That's why we've designed a fast track program to shorten wait times for all emergency patients when the department is running at capacity. If you, or a loved one, has a minor emergency, such as an earache or high fever, we'll put you through to our fast track program where you'll be placed in a room and treated more quickly than in the past. If a more serious emergency, such as chest pains or respiratory distress, brings you to the emergency department, you'll be treated quickly and efficiently. We've designed our fast track program to enhance comfort and convenience for all our emergency patients.

Caring for Stroke Patients
Patients who come to the emergency department at Texas Health Azle exhibiting signs of stroke are screened and, if appropriate, treatment begins. Emergency physicians talk with a neurologist on the medical staff at Texas Health Fort Worth to determine the best treatment plan. Once stabilized, the patient can be rapidly transferred to Texas Health Fort Worth for additional care if necessary.

Caring for Heart Patients
A similar process is in place for patients who come to the emergency department exhibiting symptoms of a heart attack. These patients can be evaluated at Texas Health Azle, and if necessary, transferred by air ambulance to the Heart Center in Fort Worth for quick intervention in the cardiac catheterization lab.

For patients experiencing a heart attack, cardiologists say that time is heart muscle. That is one of the reasons Texas Health Azle initiated its heart attack transfer program called the STEMI (ST elevation myocardial infarction) protocol. The STEMI protocol is just another example of bringing advanced care close to home for area residents.

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