Whether you want to take on a challenging cardiovascular workout, improve your overall body tone, or learn breathing and relaxation techniques, Texas Health Finley Ewing Cardiovascular & Fitness Center Dallas has a class that's right for you. You'll get personalized attention from certified instructors in advanced studios. Aqua Fit and Aquacise classes are limited to members only, while all other exercise classes are available for everyone.

Low Impact

  • Bodies in Motion (Barre)
  • Body Sculpting
  • Chair Fit
  • Head to Toe
  • Total Body Conditioning
  • Silver Sneakers Classic
  • Young at Heart

High Energy / Cardio

  • All Ball
  • Cardio Combo
  • Step
  • Tabata
  • Zumba Fitness

Yoga and Pilates

  • Pre-Pilates, Pilates and Advanced Pilates
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yoga
  • Silver Sneakers Yoga

Aquatic Classes

  • Aquacise (Members only)
  • Aqua Fit (Members only)
  • Aqua Zumba Fitness
  • *Prenatal "Fit for Two"
  • Aquatic Balance Core Strength Group Personal Training Class
    Classes start at the beginning of each month, and meet for four weeks (eight classes).

Personal Training Group Classes

Each class meets twice a week for four weeks, with a new class begin¬ning at the first of each month.

  • Body Balance (BOSS) - Strengthen your muscles and improve overall balance through the use of dynamic exercises and equipment.
  • Tone - A total body strength and conditioning class that meets for four weeks (eight classes). Heart-rate monitors are used during class to maximize results.
  • Boot Camp - Camp is a four week (eight classes), high-energy mix of cardiovascular and strength-training exercises. All skill levels are welcome!

Health Improvement Classes

  • Arthritis/PACE* - These classes meet in the water, and on land. Specifically designed for those individuals having arthritis. Please call 214-345-4688 for more information. Please bring completed registration form and payment to the CVC prior to your first class.
  • Body Balance - Increase your independence & decrease your risk of falling. To schedule your pre-class balance assessment, or for more information, call 214-345-6754.
  • MS* - These classes meet in the water. Specifically designed for those individuals having MS. Please call 214-345-4673 for more information. Please bring completed registration form prior to your first class.
  • Tai Chi† - This graceful flowing form of exercise has been practiced in China since the 1300s. The free flowing movements can help with flexibility, balance, and muscular strength, while decreasing stress. Please call 214-345-4648 for more information.

* This specialty class requires a physician's release. Additional fees are required. Classes are not included with membership.

† This specialty class is not included with membership. Additional fees are required.

Class Schedules

For more information about exercise classes, call 214-345-4648.

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