While it's difficult to comprehend, sexual assault is an ugly truth that must be acknowledged. Many people fall victim to assault each year, and the statistics are staggering.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas recognizes the need to help sexual assault victims right away — and begin the healing process. In addition, we recognize that hospitals can play an important role in the collection of physical evidence to aid in the prosecution of sexual assault cases. That's why Texas Health Dallas has launched the first Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program in Dallas County — specifically dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive care for sexual assault victims.

Victims can be seen and treated at any time of the day or night in the emergency department. SANE-certified nurses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and know that when a sexual assault crisis strikes, it's important for victims to be cared for in a safe, respected and professional manner — all while working to collect valid medical forensic evidence.

Since the implementation of SANE programs, a Department of Justice report showed a 95 percent increase in successful prosecution of cases where evidence was collected by a SANE-certified nurse.* Until 2010, Dallas was the largest city in the nation without a SANE program.*

The W.W. Caruth Jr. Center for Safe Healing features:

  • Forensic and medical exam rooms
  • Family waiting rooms
  • Law enforcement/social service advocacy rooms
  • Private bathrooms with showers
  • Secure access to evidence collection for law enforcement personnel
  • Education center for SANE nurse training

SANE-certified nurses undergo 180 hours of rigorous classroom and clinical training to learn how to:

  • Show compassion and sensitivity to victims of sexual assault
  • Conduct forensic exams and collect evidence
  • Provide effective courtroom testimony
  • Coordinate sexual assault advocacy

Resources for Sexual Assault Victims

For treatment or to contact the SANE department:

  • Emergency help: 214-345-6203
  • General questions about SANE: 214-345-6443

Advocacy and victim services:

  • Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center
    24-hour hotline: 972-641-RAPE (7273)
  • Victim's Outreach
    24-hour hotline: 214-358-5173

Reporting sexual assault:

  • Texas Association Against Sexual Assault
    24-hour hotline: 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

More information:

Program Funding
Thanks to the support of many generous individuals and foundations, especially The W.W. Caruth Jr. Foundation of Communities Foundation of Texas, the SANE program at Texas Health Dallas is bringing transformative change and improvement to forensic evidence collection and healing for sexual assault victims.