There are myriad ways for volunteers to enrich their own lives and those of countless patients and visitors to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. When you become a volunteer at Texas Health Dallas, you join a team of caring professionals whose mission is to improve the health of the people in the community they serve. Together with physicians on the medical staff, the vision is to be recognized by the community for faith-based care delivery, illness prevention and health education.


Students of high school and college age,
please see opportunities below.


Volunteer Program

Volunteers are asked to commit to one four-hour shift each week, for a minimum of six months of service. Most opportunities are during the day on weekdays. There are limited evening and weekend placements available. Adult volunteers must be 18 years of age or older to participate.


There are many benefits to becoming a volunteer. In addition to helping others, volunteers have the opportunity to meet new friends, learn new skills, gain new insights and achieve a sense of accomplishment. Volunteers receive free parking, a coffee break, flu shots and membership to the Finley Ewing Cardiovascular and Fitness Center at the employee rate after a contribution of 50 hours.



Volunteers are needed throughout the hospital. Opportunities include:


  • Admitting Office: Escort patients to nursing units, Outpatient Registration and other clinical areas, locate wheelchairs, assist families entering the hospital, provide office support, visit with patients waiting to be admitted, etc.
  • Ambassadors: Provide support to patients and their families by visiting them during the first 24 to 48 hours of admission, answer questions about the hospital and communicate our desire to meet their expectations for clinical care and comfort.
  • Day Surgery: Provide assistance in the busy patient care unit where patients recover after day surgery. Volunteers help discharge patients via wheelchair and provide general assistance on the floor. This is a busy, fast-paced unit. Afternoon assignment.
  • Food and Nutrition Services/Menu Collection: Provide valuable support to patients and staff by picking up daily menu cards. Assist patients with food choices, complete menus if patients are unable to do so on their own and return to food service staff for processing. Lots of patient interaction! Morning assignment.
  • Greeting and Wayfinding: Enhance the service offered to visitors and guests by escorting those who enter the hospital. Be the "friendly face" that gets them to their destination quickly, efficiently and with a smile.
  • Information Desks: Provide patient location information to visitors and callers. Great assignment for those with strong customer service/people skills. Challenging and mentally stimulating.
  • Medical Library: Assist library staff with general duties such as re-shelving books as well as special projects. Helpful to be comfortable with the use of Microsot Word, Excel, and the Internet.
  • Office Activities: Many hospital departments and patient care areas need volunteers to help with office and clerical activities. Volunteers can provide extra hands to keep departments running smoothly and efficiently allowing staff to remain focused on patient needs and services.
  • Patient Care Floors: Assist staff and comfort patients by providing extra TLC. May help with patient discharges and assist at the nurses station.
  • Surgery Waiting Room: Assist families waiting for their loved ones having surgery by being the liaison connecting them to the doctors after procedures. The volunteer keeps track of those in the waiting room and keeps them updated about room assignments, etc. A very busy, challenging and fast-paced placement!

Call Volunteer Services at 214-345-7580 for more information on any of these opportunities or apply online to get started.


The volunteer services office coordinates two unpaid internship positions. One supports the Volunteer Services department and the second supports the Operational Excellence department. Both require a 14-week commitment of 20 hours per week. Candidates for Operational Excellence should be in a Masters program for Healthcare Administration; undergraduates are no longer eligible to apply. Candidates for Volunteer Services can be college, graduate or post-bac students. If you are interested in applying for one of these positions, please contact the volunteer services department at 214-345-7580.

High School Volunteer Program

The high school student volunteer program is active during the summer only. Applicants must be 14 years of age by June 1 of the program year. The 2015 summer application deadline has passed. We will not be accepting additional applications. The 2016 applications will be available starting in January 2016. 

SERV College Volunteer Program

The SERV Volunteer program is a more rigorous branch of the adult volunteer program open to all college students wishing to pursue a health-care career as a nurse, PA or physician. In order to meet the needs of students whose schedules change each semester, SERV students will only be required to work one semester.

SERV students are placed for one weekly four shift volunteer shift in the Emergency Department and gain patient care experience by rounding on patients. Students also serve a second weekly four hour shift in another area of the hospital. Outside of the eight hours of volunteering a week, the program allows student to sign up for shadowing experiences. These are typically 2-4 hour shifts shadowing a variety of physicians in different areas of the hospital.

Volunteers for the program should have excellent interpersonal skills and should have weekday daytime available for shadowing. Current volunteers who have served three months and 50 hours of service will only be required to work one volunteer shift for SERV for a total of 50 hours in the semester. Once your application is received, you will be contacted by a SERV student in order to complete supplemental reference letters.

SERV is open three semester per year. Spring applications are due November 1st for January-May program. Summer applications are due April 1st for the June-August program. Fall applications are due July 1st for the September-December program. Late applications will not be considered.

Apply Now for
SERV Program

Application Process

All prospective volunteers must complete an application packet, which includes the volunteer application. Prospective volunteers must also sign a statement of confidentiality and a release to run a criminal background check. No one with a misdemeanor conviction (other than for a minor traffic violation) or a felony conviction can be accepted as a volunteer. Volunteers are also required to provide two references from outside of their families. Online applicants will be contacted by the Volunteer Office to schedule an in-office interview. Apply now to become a volunteer at Texas Health Dallas.

All volunteers must attend volunteer orientation and have a Mantoux TB test prior to beginning volunteer placement. Training is provided for each placement area. Volunteer orientation is held twice a month.

For more details about volunteer opportunities, call 214-345-7580.

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