The Executive Health Program uses a GE LightSpeed VCT 64-Slice Scanner System, currently one of the most advanced technologies in health care. Computed tomography (CT) is a noninvasive screening tool that provides clear and detailed images of the body's internal structures. This process can provide executives - and their doctors - with valuable information to help identify potential future health risks before they may become symptomatic.

With a total of up to 64 slice acquisitions per rotation, the LightSpeed VCT 64-Slice Scanner provides advanced speed for Executive Health Program procedures.

During a CT scan, the equipment moves around the patient, who lies stationary on a table throughout the procedure. Thousands of X-ray measurements are acquired and processed by a computer that displays the corresponding images on a computer screen. These two- or three-dimensional, cross-sectional images are often referred to as "slices." Physicians on the medical staff can shade, rotate, correlate and measure the anatomy in the images.

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