The Balance and Fall Prevention Program is a physical therapy program for assessment of and therapy for individuals with a history of falls or new falls, complaints of dizziness, unsteadiness, general weakness or lack of muscular control, or a history of vestibular and balance problems resulting in decreased functional ability.

Screening and assessments for balance problems are performed by physical therapists and are available based on the needs of the individual and the physician referral. The following screenings and assessments are available:

  • Community-based screening for balance and fall problems
  • A quick screening for participants in health fairs, residents of assisted-living facilities, and participants in senior citizen programs. Community-based screenings are free of charge and appointments can be made at any time during working hours or therapists can set up screenings at any community event.
  • Balance assessment as part of physical therapy evaluation
  • Any person at risk for balance and fall problems being seen by a physical therapist will receive evaluation of balance related to functional ability.
  • Comprehensive balance testing
  • A comprehensive balance and fall risk assessment including muscular/skeletal, visual, occulo-motor, sensation, functional balance and motion sensitivity components for individuals with complaints of vertigo, dizziness, ataxia, vestibular and other balance disorders.

For more information, call 817-355-8178.

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