The Work Rehabilitation Clinic offers a comprehensive industrial program that focuses on matching the worker to the work. It incorporates each part of a work-related injury from prevention to rehabilitation to a rapid return to work.

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Hurst-Euless-Bedford is a certified Isernhagen Work Systems provider, internationally recognized in the work rehabilitation industry as one of the leading total work injury management programs for business, industry and workers.

Prevention Education
The clinic employees work closely with companies to help minimize potential risks by identifying possible solutions. Safety education programs are designed to empower employees to help understand and solve problems.

Ergonomics and Job-Site Analysis
Therapists help identify ways to make the work environment safer and more productive. After analysis of task, employee and work site, employees are provided with guidelines for safety and given recommendations on new work area design and adaptive equipment.

Prework and Preplacement Screening
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant screening provides a match between the worker and the work. Testing provides specific correlations between job demands and an applicant's physical abilities.

Acute Physical and Occupational Therapy Injury Care
Same-day appointments to injured workers with a physician referral are available. Therapeutic interventions to reduce pain and edema, or to provide splinting or supportive devices or education may help return individuals to work more rapidly.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
This work-related test assesses an individual's physical ability to do a specific job or activity, and aids in developing a return-to-work program. The test is comprehensive and clearly describes the tasks a worker could perform in an eight-hour day.

Work Hardening and Work Conditioning
With the goal of returning to work in a timely manner, this program strengthens a patient's abilities by simulating job duties. The program is intensive and maximizes an employee's tolerance to a job's physical demands.

Functional Job Descriptions
This service combined with the Job-Site Analysis accurately evaluates and describes the essential functions, critical physical demands and possible modifications of any job in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Impairment Rating Data Collection
Therapists are certified to collect impairment data according to the American Medical Association's Disability Rating Guidelines by TWCC-approved training programs. The therapists work with the physicians on the medical staff to assess and report the client's physical impairments for patients who have achieved optimal improvement.

Fitness Maintenance Program
The Work Hardening and Work Conditioning programs emphasize the importance of maintaining flexibility, endurance and strength in order to help reduce the risk of re-injury at work, leisure or daily activities. Clients are offered the opportunity to continue their exercise program in the facility, using the equipment to which they have become accustomed after discharge from work rehab or therapy. The business office will work with insurance carriers on payment if the maintenance program is prescribed as medically necessary to help prevent further injury. Several payment options are also available.

Back School
Back School is a two-hour class offered monthly for all therapy and work rehab clients. The class is a fun and interactive way for individuals to learn about the anatomy and physiology of the spine, and proper lifting techniques and body mechanics.

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