Our consultants are registered nurses who are internationally board certified. They are knowledgeable in nutrition, human milk, pharmacology, behavioral sciences, physiology and breast anatomy, as well as newborn anatomy and the developmental stages of infant growth.

These skilled nurses can assess the progress of mother and baby and make recommendations to prolong and enhance the breastfeeding experience for both. If necessary, the consultants will communicate with other health-care providers to help with early interventions, before small difficulties become overwhelming problems.

A consultant can assess mother-and-baby progress with breastfeeding and make recommendations that can prolong and enhance breastfeeding for both. They can address these concerns:

  • Preventing and managing sore nipples
  • Latch-on difficulties
  • Preventing and managing engorgement
  • Milk supply concerns
  • Multiple births
  • Returning to work
  • Slow weight gain or weight loss
  • Mastitis/breast abscess
  • "Baby blues" or fatigue
  • Anatomical variations in mother or baby
  • Maternal or infant medications
  • Prematurity
  • Sucking problems
  • Refusal to nurse
  • Induced lactation (i.e., for adoption)
  • Jaundice

The consultant then communicates with other appropriate healthcare providers to help with early interventions before small difficulties become overwhelming problems. Consultants are also available to assist with ongoing questions throughout the breastfeeding experience.

Nursing mothers are also encouraged to review these helpful solutions when beginning to breastfeed.

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