Labor and delivery, which is located on the second floor of Texas Health Kaufman, has three rooms. Each room has a television, a recliner, several chairs for guests, and a shower. The department is staffed around the clock by registered nurses, an on-call obstetrician on the medical staff and an on-call certified nurse midwife, and the department provides access to a certified nurse anesthetist who, if needed, can administer epidural pain relief.


For the security of patients and staff, Texas Health Kaufman asks that aside from the spouse/primary support person, only two additional visitors are allowed in the labor and delivery room. Other relatives and visitors may wait in the family waiting room. Texas Health Kaufman welcomes the patient's children, provided that they have an adult dedicated to their supervision (the mother's primary support person cannot function as the child's adult supervisor).

After Delivery

After you deliver, nurses will place your baby skin-to-skin with you and keep you together during the first hours of life. Being skin-to-skin helps babies to stay warm and stabilize their blood sugar level, and it also helps facilitate breastfeeding. Most important, newborns love to snuggle next to you! Texas Health Kaufman wants to make sure mom and baby are separated as little as possible, so they make every attempt to let families be part of their babies' first nursing exams, shots, measurements and baths. If for any reason your baby needs to be examined in the nursery, he or she will be returned as quickly as possible.

After some time in labor and delivery, you and your baby will be moved to one of nine postpartum rooms. Texas Health Kaufman encourages moms to keep their babies in their hospital rooms during their stay. By keeping your baby with you, you will confidentially learn to care for your baby with the support of the nursing staff, who will check on you often to provide assistance. Letting your baby room-in with you may have these benefits:

  • Increased bonding
  • Recognizing and responding to your baby's needs quickly
  • Your breast milk may come in faster
  • Increased confidence in caring for your baby

Visiting Hours

In postpartum, the visiting hours are from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. During this time, if a mom is breastfeeding, a sign will be placed on her door to allow her necessary privacy. If guests arrive during this time, they are asked to check in at the nurses' station.

Breastfeeding Support

At Texas Health Kaufman we are committed to providing support for moms to meet their breastfeeding goals. The nurses in the Women, Infants and Children unit have extensive knowledge of breastfeeding techniques, and they offer tips that can assist moms who are getting started at breastfeeding or assist mothers experiencing difficulties. While mothers are in the hospital, nurses will provide one-on-one assistance to them in the privacy of their postpartum rooms.

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