Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Kaufman is pleased you've chosen to let us help you bring your little one into the world. Here are some resources to help you throughout your pregnancy.

Oh Baby! Weekly Pregnancy Emails

For expecting or new parents, each week of pregnancy and infancy will bring many new questions and surprises. Texas Health Kaufman offers you a trusted resource to assist you through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the first year of your baby's life. When you register for the free Texas Health Oh Baby! weekly parenting emails, you'll receive information from Texas Health Dallas tailored to your week of pregnancy and subsequently to the age of your newborn.

Free Childbirth Education Class

Texas Health Kaufman offers a monthly Prepared Childbirth class that condenses your childbirth education into an informative one-day class. This class educates expectant parents about pregnancy, birth options, and labor and delivery. A registered nurse will provide information on active labor-support participation, the birth process, hospital routines, breathing and relaxation, medication options and labor/birth positions. Additionally, it will provide information about cesarean births, newborns and postpartum care. A tour of the unit is included.

Car Seat Safety Checks

Texas Health Kaufman offers one-on-one sessions with certified child-passenger safety technicians so that you can learn about the best practices for keeping your baby and children safe while traveling in a vehicle. Bring the car seat, the manual for the car seat, the manual for your vehicle and all your questions. Call 1-877-THR-WELL to register for an upcoming car seat safety check

Midwife Care Center

Texas Health Kaufman has a unique program that offers prenatal care by registered nurse midwives. A midwife is a trained professional with special expertise in supporting women in order to maintain a healthy pregnancy and birth, offering expert individualized care, education, counseling and support to a woman and then her newborn throughout the childbearing cycle.

A midwife works with each woman and her family to identify their unique physical, social and emotional needs. When the care required is outside the midwife's scope of practice or expertise, the woman is referred to other health care providers for additional consultation or care.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 972-932-5411.

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